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A Year In The Mix : 1990 : The Future Of Oz Mix



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 Track list

  1.  The Cure - Close To You (Closer Mix)
  2.  Pleasure - Please (Future Mix)
  3.  Solid Gold Easy Amex feat. Red Box - Enjoy (Future Mix)
  4.  Gary Clail (On-U Sound System) feat. Bim Sherman - Beef (Future Mix)

  5.  Gino Latino - Welcome (Land Of Oz Excursion Mix)
  6.  The Shamen - Pro>gen (Land Of Oz Mix)
  7.  Amina - Belly Dance (Land Of Oz Mix)
  8.  Jesus Loves You - Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz Mix)
  9.  INXS - Suicide Blonde (Milk Mix) 

10.  Max Q - Sometimes (Land of Oz Mix)
11.  Lynda Law - I Don't Want Your Love (Land Of Oz Mix)
12.  Sunsonic - Kind Of Loving (Land Of Oz Mix)
13.  Cabaret Voltaire - Keep On (Land Of Oz Mix)
14.  Frazier Chorus - Nothing (Land Of Oz Mix)
15.  The Strings Of Love - Nothing Has Been Proved (Land Of Oz Mix)

Historical Facts

Paul Oakenfold built his music related resume through the eighties and hit the mainstream, along with his engineer/remix collaborator Steve Osborne, with remixes of Happy Mondays tracks in 1989, particulalry 'Hallelujah'. This led to demand for their work in 1990. 


'Future' and 'Land Of Oz' were popular club nights run by Oakenfold in the late eighties.


'Jesus Loves You' was founded by Boy George


'Max Q' was a short-lived band fronted by Michael Hutchence of INXS. The bassline on the remix is taken from Clivilles & Cole's Seduction track