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Dance Classics In The Mix

A Year In The Mix : 1989 : The Soul Full Mix

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Track list

  1.  Izit - Stories (The Mellow Mix by Paul Oakenfold)
  2.  Cry Sisco! - Afro Dizzi Act (The Raid Mix by Paul Oakenfold) 
  3.  Soul II Soul feat. Caron Wheeler - Keep On Movin' (Ultimix)  
  4.  Paula Abdul - Straight Up (Marley Marl Mix)
  5.  Smith & Mighty - Walk On (Long Version)
  6.  Soul II Soul feat. Caron Wheeler - Back To Life (Club Mix)
  7.  Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Jam On The Groove)
  8.  Soul II Soul - Jazzie's Groove
  9.  Soul II Soul - Fairplay
10.  Wendy & Lisa - Are You My Baby (My Man's 12')
11.  Jody Watley with Eric B & Rakim - Friends (Extended Version)
12.  Seduction - (You're My One & Only) True Love (Club Mix)
13.  Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples feat Al Green - The Message Is Love (12" Cupid Mix by Les 'L.A. Mix' Adams)
14.  Alyson Williams - Sleep Talk (Extended Version)

Historical Facts 

  • Along with Oakenfold, who started a club night named '98 bpm', Soul II Soul were very influential in bringing down the bpm of dance music from the acid/house craze of 88. Their unique beats were often copied in tracks released in late 80s early 90s.  
  • Nellee Hooper of Soul II Soul was an original member of The Wild Bunch, a Bristol based group that would turn into Massive Attack; who Nellee would later produce .
  • Ironically for this mix, Caron Wheeler used to be in a group called 'Afrodisiak' where she sang on records for Madness, Elvis Costello and Dexy's Midnight Runners.  
  • Marley Marl founded The Juice Crew and is often cited as one of the most influential early hip-hop producers. 
  • 'Walk On' is a remake of a 1964 song by Dionne Warwick.
  • Wendy & Lisa were members of The Revolution. They currently score TV shows, including 'Heroes'.
  • Hank Shocklee, famous for producing Public Enemy, was involved in the mixes of 'Friends' and 'Sleep Talk' in this mix.
  • 'True Love' is produced by Clivilles & Cole of C+C Music Factory. The rap is by Frederick 'Freedom' Williams, his first official recording. The lead vocals are from an uncredited Martha Wash who also sang uncredited on 'Gonna Make You Sweat'  
  • The rap on 'The Message Is Love' is by Jazzi P, who was featured on L.A. Mix's second release 'Get Loose'
  • Russell Simmons is credited as a writer on 'Sleep Talk' (released on Def Jam). He produced some of her other work from the same time and featured her on his first production in 1982; Action by Orange Rush.