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A Year In The Mix : 1992 : The Excellent Weekender Mix

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Track List

  1. Stereo MC's -Step It Up (Stereo Field Dub by Leftfield + Ultimatum Trumpet Mix)

  2. Flowered Up - Weatherall's Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit More Partial Mix by Andrew Weatherall)

  3. Ultra Nate - Deeper Love (Missing You) (The Leftfield Vocal Mix)

  4. Inner City - Hallelujah (Leftfield On High Vocal) 

  5. Lionrock (Roots And Culture + Most Excellent Mix by Justin Robertson) 

  6. Eric B & Rakim - Juice (Know The Ledge) (Main Mix)

  7. Bassheads - Back To The Old School (In Your Area Mix + Original Mix)

  8. TC 1992 - Funky Guitar (Lionrock Dub Excellence + Inna Milanese Stylee)

  9. Finitribe - Forevergreen (Forevermost Excellent Mix by Justin Robertson)

10. E-Lustrious - Givin' You No Rest (In The End Mix)

11. Mombassa - Cry Freedom (Malawi Mix)