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A Year In The Mix : 1992 : The Progressive Passioniva  Mix

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 Track list

  1.  Leftfield - Fanfare of Life
  2.  Leftfield - Song of Life
  3.  The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix) 
  4.  Gat Decor - Passion (Darren Emerson Mix) 
  5.  Gypsy - I Trance You
  6.  Finitribe - Forevergreen (Sunrise Mix + Lunar Eclipse Mix by Youth)
  7.  Paradise Organisation - Prayer Tower (Full Circle Mix by Phil Perry)
  8.  Metropolis - Hyporeel  
  9.  The Visions Of Shiva - Perfect Morning
10.  The Visions Of Shiva - Perfect Day
11.  The Visions Of Shiva - Perfect Night

Historical Facts

  • Gat Decor is an anagram of Tag Records, who first pressed the track.
  • 'Passion' was Darren Emerson's first remix. He joined Underworld the next year in 93. 
  • Metropolis was a pseudonym for the FSOL boys. The piano is lifted from Nikita Warren's 91 track 'I Need You'.
  • The Visions Of Shiva were Cosmic Baby and Paul Van Dyk