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Dance Classics In The Mix

A Year In The Mix : 1992 : The Virtuous Extravaganza Mix

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 Track list

  1. Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (Transasian Express Remix by The Orb)
  2. Ozo Featuring Mighty Biafra - Anambra (Part 2) (Sasha Remix 1) 
  3. Shakespear's Sister - Black Sky (Dub Extravaganza Part 2 + Part 1 by Darren Emerson)
  4. B.M. EX - Appolonia (Qatmix by Sasha)
  5. B.M. EX - Feel The Drop (Rennaisance Mix by Sasha)
  6. Rusty - Everything's Gonna Change (Sasha's Dub Mix + Vocal Mix)
  7. Shi-Take - (In The Age Of) Perfect Virtue (Full Moon Over Maduri Club Mix)

  8. Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming!

  9. Shakespear's Sister - Goodbye Cruel World (BTO Remix by Steve Anderson)

10. Seventh Sense - Get The Music (Himalayan Dub)


Historical Facts

  • 'Anambra' was originally recorded in 1976
  • Shakespear's Sister was formed by Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama 
  • B.M. EX is aka Sasha and stands for Barry Manilow Experience 
  • Brothers Love Dubs are aka Brothers In Rhythm
  • Seventh Sense is aka Andy Cocup of Groove Armada