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Dance Classics In The Mix

A Year In The Mix : 1993 : The Rapturous Odyssey Mix

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 Track list

  1. D-Tek - Drop The Rock (Original Mix)
  2. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix) 
  3. Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (Rhythm Invention Mix)
  4. Lionrock - Are You Willing To Testify?
  5. Slam - Positive Education
  6. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (Dasilva & McCready Mix)
  7. Lionrock - Packet Of Peace (The Dust Brothers Remix + No More Fucking Trumpets Mix)
  8. Leftfield & Lydon - Open Up (Dervish Overdrive)
  9. The Sabres Of Paradise - Smokebelch II
10. Soul Odyssey - Rapture


Historical Facts

  • The bassline on 'Drop The Rock' is from Fallout's 'Morning After'
  • The 'Do it, man!' sample on 'Two Fatt Guitars' is from Tommy Chong
  • The 'Groovy baby' sample on 'Slumberland' is from DSK's 'Read My Lips'
  • Justin Robertson is the man behind Lionrock
  • The 'Testify' sample is from MC5's 'Are You Willing To Testify?'
  • The boys from Slam are also co-founders of the influential record label, Soma
  • The 'Hey Mr DJ' sample is from Stargard's 'What You Waitin' For'
  • The Dust Brothers are aka The Chemical Brothers. The 'Dust' name was purposely taken from the original Dust Brothers (who have worked with the Beastie Boys, Beck and Santana among others). However in 1995, once they made it big, the original Dust Brothers threatened to sue, so they changed their name to 'Chemical' after their track 'Chemical Beats'. 'Packet Of Peace' was their first remix. 
  • John Lydon is aka Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of The Sex Pistols
  • The main man behind The Sabres Of Paradise is Andrew Weatherall
  • The melody on 'Smokebelch II' is taken from L.B. Bad's 'The New Age of Faith' from his 'The True Story Of House Music' EP.
  • 'Rapture' samples the beat from React 2 Rhythm's 'Intoxication'