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A Year In The Mix : 1995 : The Freedom At Last Mix



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Track list

  1. Shiva - Work It Out (F-O-S Untouchable Vocal)
  2. Shiva - Freedom (Loveland's Northside Dub + Full On Vocal) 
  3. Sphinx - What Hope Have I (The Big Mix) 
  4. Strike - The Morning After (Free At Last) (Extended Mix + Strike's After 8am At           Benny's Mix)
  5. Shauna Davis - Get Away (Monday Bar Dub)
  6. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All (Rhyme Time Club Mix)
  7. Taylor Dayne - Say A Prayer (Vission Lorimer Mix)
  8. Shauna Davis - Get Away (Stonebridge + Nick Nice Club Mix)

Historical Facts 

Louise Dean sang vocals on the two Shiva tracks. She died in a hit and run accident in June 1995

Sphinx were Rollo and Rob Dougan. Sabrina Johnston sang vocals.