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A Year In The Mix : 1996 : The Lonely Traveller Mix


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 Track list

  1. DJ's Rule - Get Into The Music (Hybrid Remix)
  2. Hyper Go Go - High (Hybrid Dub) 
  3. Slacker - Scared (The Lonely Traveller Mix + Dylan Rhymes Remix) 
  4. Paul Van Dyk - Beautiful Place (Paradise Mix)
  5. Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name (B.T. & Taylor Mix)
  6. Hybrid - Symphony (Original Mix)
  7. Way Out West - Domination (Bonkers Break Beat Mix)
  8. Olive - You're Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osborne Remix) 

Historical Facts 

'Get Into The Music' was originally released in 1990.

'High' was originally released in 1992

Slacker is aka Ramp

Libra is aka B.T.  Jan Johnston sang vocals on 'Anomaly'