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A Year In The Mix - 1996

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Track list

1. Aloof - One Night Stand (The Long Night And The Samba Remix by Ashley Beedle)

2. Everything But The Girl - Wrong (Deep Dish Remix)

3. Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Round The World Remix)

4. Deep Dish With Everything But The Girl - The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)

5. De'Lacy - That Look - (Hani's Club Look)

6. Love Tribe - Stand Up (Narcotic Mix by Roger Sanchez)

7. Sister Bliss - Bad Man (Original Mix + Epic Mix by Rollo & Sister Bliss)

8. Pauline Taylor - Constantly Waiting (Epic Mix by Rollo & Sister Bliss)

9. Rollo Goes Spritual With Pauline Taylor - Let This Be A Prayer (Original Mix + Slow Mix + Epic Mix by Rollo & Sister Bliss)